SAIF ZONE: Sharjah Airport International Free Zone Company Setup

The SAIF zone is a free zone based in the Emirate of Al Sharjah. Easily accessible to sea ports on the Indian Ocean (Port Khor Fakkan) and the Arabian Gulf (Port Khalid), the SAIF-Zone is built adhere to Al Sharjah International Airport ,it is not suprising that SAIF-Zone has registered phenomenal growth since its inception in 1995. With over 5000 companies operating out of it.


About the SAIF-Zone

Imagine a Free Trade Zone situated at the crossroads of the major trading routes linking the East and West.

  • Access to over 2 billion consumers across the GCC, the CIS, Asian sub-continent, parts of Africa, the Mediterranean and Europe
  • Strategic location between East and West
  • Abundant and inexpensive energy
  • Competitive fee structure, property, and management leases
  • 24-hour hotline for equipment and provision of labour
  • Unlimited workforce with an economical wage structure
  • Sponsorship and visas for all staff
  • Access to ports in the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean
  • International air links across the world via Sharjah International Airport
  • Back-up services include those provided by the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sharjah Expo Center and over 40 international banks.
  • Art facilities including pre-built warehouses in a choice of sizes, fully furnished and air conditioned Executive Offices (office space), container parking area, temporary storage capability and land on lease for unrestricted development.
  • Businesses unmatched logistical advantages not to mention the savings in time and costly insurance.


Types of Licenses

Investors can select different types of licenses in order to do business in the SAIF-Zone.

  • Industrial License – Allows the investor to import raw material, manufacture, process, assemble, package and export the finished product. (Subject to clearance from SAIF-Zone Health and Environment Department)
  • Commercial License – Allows the investor to import, export, distribute, consolidate and store items specified in the license. There is a maximum limit of three similar product lines.
  • General Trading License – As the name suggests, a large number of products falls within its domain. This type of license can be obtained under the commercial license.
  • Service License – Allows the investor to carry out only specified services. (Unless restricted by the federal or local authorities, all types of services are allowed within the SAIF-Zone).


The Required Documents

To proceed with the registration, we would require the following documents on the directors and shareholders:

  1. Passport copy including visa page [visa page – only for individuals resident in UAE]
  2. No Objection Certificate [only for individuals employed in UAE]
  3. Certified or original utility bill [within the last 3 months]
  4. Original bank reference letter [within the last 3 months]
  5. Educational certificate of the manager [if required duly attested up to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs]
  6. Business Plan View our Business Plan Template


Time Frame

Once we receive all the required documentation and the stipulated payment, we will prepare the registration and license applications and submit these document to the Free Zone Authority for approval, it will take approximately 3 – 4 weeks (subject to submission of the lease agreement to the authorities and depositing the share capital in the bank) to complete the entire registration procedure and obtain the trade license from the Free Zone.

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