Scam Alert

Al Rowaad Advocates is advising members of the public about a fictitious investment scam that has been circulating under the good name of our firm.

It has recently come to our attention that fraudsters misrepresenting themselves as lawyers have distributed emails to members of the public, inviting them to partake in an investment scheme in exchange for sums of money.


We are taking this opportunity to make it categorically clear that Al Rowaad Advocates has no involvement whatsoever with any such schemes.

For your own protection, please under all circumstances make contact with our firm before engaging with these emails. As a timely reminder, any official correspondence from our staff will come from email addresses that are tied to our office. That means email addresses which end with “” or “”.

If you have had any suspicious contact from persons purporting to be from Al Rowaad Advocates please advise our team by emailing

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