Corporate and Commercial Legal Services

In addition to having an expert team to incorporate Local, Freezone and Offshore companies, the business consultation team here at Al Rowaad Advocates and Legal Consultancy is also proud to offer a variety of other corporate and commercial legal services.


Please find a list of our services below:


  • Restructuring: We will assist you with consolidating the legal, ownership, operational structures of your company
  • Commercial Mediation and Negotiation: We can negotiate on your behalf and ensure that you either increase your chances of success or reduce the liabilities being placed upon you
  • Commercial Contracts: The thorough drafting and review of a contract is vital for protecting your rights and clarifying your obligations. We meticulously evaluate contracts, line by line, and will improve areas that may be in vague or fail to address important issues such as arbitration, trade secrets and other critical matters
  • Commercial Property Leases: Our solid experience will enable us to review your commercial lease agreements in order to protect your rights and ensure that you have smooth legal relations
  • Legal Notices: We can draft legal notices for you to allege breaches or make claims in any commercial scenarios
  • Legal Due Diligence: Whether you are planning on purchasing a business or a property, our team of successful lawyers and legal consultants will enable us to perform the legal due diligence to ensure that your purchase is a successful one




  • Partnership
  • Articles of Association/Incorporation
  • Asset Sale and Purchase
  • Share Purchase / Share Sale
  • Sponsorship
  • International Distributor Sales and Service
  • Labor and Employment
  • Agency License
  • Franchise
  • Sales Representative Agreement
  • General Non-Compete Agreement
  • Indemnity Agreement
  • Joint Venture


Our partners also enable us to offer the following services:


Wealth Management

Many clients and businesses have existing assets, both in their country of origin and offshore. We provide advice on these assets both in terms of best structures to hold them, as well as the investment returns on them.


Trust Services

This is mainly used as an Estate Planning tool for passing wealth to future generation, which is important for business owners to be aware of.

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